Video Marketing

Video production and video marketing are two essential ways to grow your company and craft a message that will resonate with your customers. At Mintleaf, we specialize in all areas of video production, including:

  • Video Interviews

  • Small Business Ads

  • Non-Profit Video Ads

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Video Banners

  • Drone Video Services

  • Video Tutorials

  • Recruitment Videos

With years of experience directing video productions of all sizes, we're happy to chat and formulate a plan for growing your company's video presence.

Let's Chat:

Video Interviews

Close up and personal, interview style videos allow individuals to tell their story. 

Small Business Ads

When it comes to crafting an effective small business ad, our approach is grounded in the art of storytelling. A video ad that can make a genuine connection between a company and a viewer builds an ideal relationship that is more effective than any salesy message. 

Because of that, we provide direction and creative scripting for all our small business ads. That way, your small businesses' video production can shine its brightest.


Non-Profit Video Ads

Fundraising is hard. Connecting with, and mobilizing supporters (and donors) is one of the biggest challenges nonprofits face. The further you broadcast your message, the greater your impact can be. Using storytelling as a basis, we work with all kinds of nonprofits across New England to create genuine connections between organizations and supporters.

We create fundraising videos, marketing shorts, even meet the team and behind the mission videos.

Social Media Ads

Looking to make an impression on social media? Running social media ads can be a great way to engage with clients and to draw in new customers. We specialize in making ads that look good on all social media platforms--like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Video Banners

Short and simple, video banners help bring attention to your website. While the vast majority of web site visits end in a few seconds, a well-devised video banner is a resource that entices visitors to stay a bit longer.

Drone Video Services

Your company looks awesome from 100 meters up. Drone services are available in select areas.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to engage with customers and to expedite the learning process. Mintleaf has the equipment (i.e. teleprompters, professional audio capture) that makes e-learning videos and video tutorials easy.

Recruitment Videos

Hiring feels impossible right now. Compiling a dream team of hardworking individuals is a must in today’s market. At Mintleaf, we leverage digital media to make the hiring process easier. From creating landing pages, to filming recruitment ads, we take a holistic approach to helping your team meet its recruitment goals. 

Together, we’ll help you connect with the perfect candidate.