A lot can happen in 10 months. You can find love, you can start a gym membership, or you can grow a marketing agency that expands to downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Yup that’s right. Mintleaf just started a gym membership. Wait, we mean we just moved to downtown Portsmouth.

We’ve been holding back the news for a few weeks now, but we’re ready to finally talk about the exciting new step! So with that in mind, Frankie and Tim (Mintleaf’s fearless leaders) compiled some of the reasons they’re most excited for the move to Portsmouth:

Portsmouth has the best restaurants—Tim & Frankie

Alright, Portland, Maine may have the best restaurants and eateries, but Portsmouth has to be a close second. Rudi’s, Flatbread, The Friendly Toast and Portsmouth Brewery? Yup, how could we say no? The sheer number of amazing restaurants that are now within walking distance can’t be understated.  

While stuck at home the past few months (thanks COVID), Frankie’s been working on an ever-growing list of the local restaurants he wants to try out as well as many he wants to revisit. And Tim—ever saddened by Breaking New Grounds’ closure a few years back—is ready to get back on the horse and find a new favorite coffee shop. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You go, Tim, go get your heart broken again by another coffeeshop.

Prescott Park is a creative’s dream space—Tim

Keeping Tim cooped up in an office is like telling your dog not to steal a bite of sirloin steak that just fell on the floor. You can try, but the reward may outweigh the risk. Tim’s ready for some lunchbreak trips to Prescott Park to rebalance his creative energy and to enjoy one of the best perks of Portsmouth.

Not to mention that fall is right around the corner and Tim’s ready for some pumpkin spice coffee induced walks around the city. Yup, he’s that kind of person. But there’s just an energy that permeates in some of the scenic parts of the city—and we’re ready to experience that!

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Portsmouth’s filled with like-minded companies—Frankie

We won’t be the only fish in the pond in Portsmouth—and that’s a good thing. There’s a steady stream of other marketing agencies in the city—and we’re excited to formally introduce ourselves. We’re excited to see what partnerships arise with time (we already have one we’re about to announce) and what the city’s marketing landscape will look like over the next few years.

Additionally, there are so many small businesses in the city, and we’re excited to share our methods and madness with the Portsmouth community--and to see how they shape us in return. Plus being stuck at home these past couple of months has Frankie itching for the next time he gets to be around other humans. Just wear a mask, buddy.

Portsmouth’s always been the goal—Tim

Boston and New York have never been appealing to Tim—those cities are too much “city” for his little New Hampshire heart. But Portsmouth is different; it has a client base to support a cornucopia of different marketing agencies, while also being a short drive from the middle of freaking nowhere.

Way back in Tim’s undergraduate days, he had dreams of working in either Portsmouth or Newburyport for a marketing agency. So this move just seems like icing on the cake. And now Tim can walk to Ceres Bakery and literally get icing on his cake.

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Portsmouth is a chance to prove ourselves—Frankie

This move is a big step not just for the company, but for the team on a personal level. Frankie sees it as a chance to finally put everything on the table and prove that Mintleaf can be successful and that he can oversee his own destiny:

“I know I'll only get out what I put into this business, and I'm fully ready and looking forward to that responsibility” – Frankie Perullo.

Portsmouth allows for us to play in the big leagues and to take our creativity to the next level. That competitive nature and drive for perfection can only be a good thing for our clients.

Our move to Portsmouth has been a longtime coming. In spite of a worldwide pandemic, we’re happy to be moving closer to our clients, organically growing our company and finding new ways to (metaphorically) paint the seacoast minty green. So swing by, give us a visit, send us a letter, and tell Tim about the best "heart-break" coffeeshop. As always, we’re happy to hear from you.


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