Starting a company in Portsmouth? Here’s what to do.

Starting a company is daunting. Starting a company without the client base of a major metropolitan city? Downright terrifying. For people living with dreams of starting a small business in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, it’s easy to question whether or not it’s worth relocating to a major city like Boston. What we’re here to tell you is that it’s possible to start a company and thrive while staying in the seacoast. Sorry Boston.

In this blog, we’ll be covering things you need to do immediately to build a client base if you’re starting a small business in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Adopt inbound marketing strategies

Once you have a physical location for your company, the first thing you need to do is make sure clients know that you’re there. Clients won’t magically find your business—hell, they’ll usually struggle to find it even if you tell them exactly where it is. You’ll want to register your business with Google, Bing, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Yahoo and any other directory where people can find your business. Hell, throw up the bat signal and get really bold with it. Doing all this will help your business appear in internet searches when potential customers are in the Portsmouth area.

Additionally, creating landing pages, blogs and social media posts are a perfect way to continue increasing your social presence. Just make sure to keep them updated and don’t abandon them—as a marketing manager cries every time you do that.

Adopt traditional marketing strategies

Print advertising isn’t dead—in fact, it’s just as alive as ever. Get business cards, flyers, post cards, brochures and any other materials that you can either physically give or mail to potential clients. Even though the business card may be taboo during the current COVID-19 pandemic (as we covered earlier), it’s still important to have that physical presence. We recommend creating a business card that wows on first impression—even if it’s more expensive than getting 1,000 decent ones from Vistaprint.

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Create a compelling website

We can’t tell you the amount of times we hear people say they don’t need anything special for a website—"just a simple landing page will do!” We’d respectfully disagree. Your website is often your one (and only) chance to make an impression with a prospective client. If your website looks like it was innovative back in 2005, your company is giving off the impression that it doesn’t keep up with the times.

The first place you should invest money when starting a new business is in a quality website—one that has SEO optimization, works fluently on desktop and mobile devices, and allows potential customers to get a firsthand quality impression of what your company is like.

We made the move to middle street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Your company can too! But without the overwhelming client base that a metropolitan city can offer, it just means you’ll need to take extra steps in order to gain clients. But we recommend starting these steps early—because nobody likes waiting around a silent phone.


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