Plant the landing page seeds right now. You'll thank yourself in 5 years

We’ll never understand why businesses, who spend heavy amounts of capital in order to make a new website, completely disregard the need for new landing pages. Sure, a landing page isn’t sexy—it’s never as captivating as a homepage, and it’s not an ego stroker like the “about us” page. And yet, the landing page is the perfect mechanism for getting clients to reach out to your company in a way that the “about us” page never could. In this article, we’ll be discussing the 3 biggest reasons why your company needs some pretty snazzy landing pages ASAP.

Landing pages are perfect for SEO

You want potential clients to stumble upon your website. They shouldn’t need a map, a compass and a machete to do so. If you search for your website on Google and you’re not on the first page, your site’s as real as bigfoot (but hey, at least there’s footage of him). Investing in quality landing pages is an easy way to improve your SEO rating with Google. Just don’t be the person that spams “YOGA STUDIO, PORTSMOUTH, NH” 15 times on the page, because that’ll get you flagged and will hurt your SEO rating. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: emphasize readability over keyword density.

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Landing pages speak to a specific audience

Have a very unique service? We do. It’s cinematography. And we’re one of the only companies in Portsmouth that offers it. Therefore, we’re able to build a landing page specifically around that service. Instead of spamming visitors with an overwhelming list of everything we do, our cinematography page is able to focus on that single service and all of its intricacies. Landing pages are a great way to speak to a specific audience about a specific service. Therefore, it gives the connotation that the service in question is a specialty of your company.

Landing pages allow you to make meaningful connections

It’s not just about generating new leads; it’s about building fruitful one-on-one relationships. That saying applies to both landing pages and Tinder bios. Landing pages are a place where potential clients can go to develop an introductory experience with your company. So why not give them a reason to comeback. On all our landing pages, we give out free content to our clients. For instance, we give out a free social media content calendar (shamelessly plugged below) to anyone that stumbles upon our landing page. This gives us a quick and easy way to make a connection and build a bridge between us and a new lead. That’s never a bad thing.

Whether they’re a lost art or they’re the first sacrifice of budget cuts, landing pages never get the appreciation they deserve. They take time to become effective via Google, but they have so much ability to transform your company for the better overtime. Maybe it’s time to stop ignoring the elephant in the room and invest in a quality landing page (or 40 of them).


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