The problem? Kellie Brook Farm needed to evolve its marketing practices in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With an outdated Vistaprint website and inefficient product images, Kellie Brook Farm required help evolving their brand to be more competitive with other farms in the seacoast.

The solution? A Mintleaf-inspired rebrand. In this blog, we will be reviewing our work done for Kellie Brook Farm, and the efforts that helped turn the farm into a more competitive brand.

Step 1: Product Photography

Our rebrand started with new product photography of the farm’s entire inventory—each and every piece of bacon. When we began, the farm was only selling on Three River Farmer’s Alliance and their photos were straight from a flip phone. Okay, a flip phone might be too generous. Kellie Brook’s photos were in rough shape and usually were taken in an ill-lit barn. Our solution, taken new photos and brighten them the hell up.

The new photos needed character. They needed to convey an emotion. The breakfast sausage needed to be accented by coffee beans, eggs and maple syrup. The chorizo needed to be accompanied by some spicy peppers and spices. The bacon needed a little Marshalls sign that said bacon. We don’t make the rules.

Step 2: Video production

Our bread and butter service, we couldn’t resist getting the pigs on camera. Waking up at the crack of dawn in order to catch the early morning golden rays, we practiced cinematography (or in this case cinema-hog-raphy). We got some drone footage, but most of the time was spent using a cinematic camera on both the turkeys and the pigs. We brought the lights. We brought the cameras. We even had our makeup artist prep each pig. The results? They were shakin’ their bacon like never before.

We got hours of footage that had to be condensed down to about 15 seconds. All of which made a compelling video banner that customers see the second they land on the site.

Step 3: E-commerce Ordering

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of Kellie Brook Farm’s site creation was creating an e-commerce platform that would allow the farm to sell directly to clients but wouldn’t be disruptive to their current processes. Namely, the farm weighs products (of variable weight) AFTER they are sold, meaning built-in plugins wouldn’t work to solve the farm’s needs. The solution? A custom-coded website that could directly email the farm each time an order was placed, without stepping forward into a purchase.

Step 4: Hand drawn artwork

The finishing touch on the Kellie Brook Farm site? Hand drawn art commissioned from a local artist. Too many websites lack identity. The growth of platforms like Squarespace, Wix and Shopify have popularized the pre-built template—and all the unoriginality that often occupancies it. Hiring an artist for this assignment was an easy way to create something new. Plus, the assets generated make pretty nifty shirts.Step 5: Social media photography

In the wake of the farm’s rebrand, we’ve been focused on creating social media content to help the brand grow their followers. And nobody at Mintleaf headquarters will ever complain about traveling to Greenland and taking some quality pig pictures.

In need of a rebrand? Let’s talk. We love adding creativity to brands in need of a refresh. But hey, we’re paid to say that.


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