Selling property in the Seacoast Region requires a lot of effort; hiring cleaners, painters and photographers has long been a must. But with the rising number of listings and the number of younger buyers entering the market, there’s a new must for selling property—videography. Whether it’s for capturing the openness of the living room, or for demonstrating the size of the backyard from 40-feet up, videography is becoming an essential component to selling homes. Below, we’ve listed three essential tips for mastering real estate videography and convincing buyers to line up.

Amplify the strengths

Does the house have a patio that shines every morning during sunrise? Do the lights in the pool turn the space into a secret oasis every night? Real estate videography should capture the breathtaking aspects of every property. Even if that means waking up early just to get a single shot—it usually is a worthwhile endeavor. You want to invoke a sense of wonder in a potential buyer; the video should allow them to imagine their future lives in that property. You’re not trying to sell to them, they’re trying to buy from you. So ask yourself, what are the most awe-inspiring aspects of the property and how can you best present them to an interested buyer?

Get the appropriate equipment

Speaking of capturing the best features of a property, you’re going to need some heavy-duty equipment. A real estate video may be the only opportunity for a potential buyer to get a bird’s-eye view of the property. Don’t throw away that opportunity! Renting a drone to get aerial footage is an essential component to selling a house these days. As is having appropriate lighting. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to see footage filmed at dusk on your iPhone. We also recommend renting a 16-35mm lens to get wide-angle shots (just make sure not to rent a lens that will fisheye). Other equipment like glides just add an irresistible touch to any footage. An investment in the appropriate camera equipment will lead to more inquires and (eventually) more offers. That’s not a bad problem to have. The shot below was taken using one of our drones for a property down in Florida:

Don’t rush the editing

One of the issues we see with real estate videography in the Seacoast is that editors get so excited with the footage they have that they charge straight-through the editing phase. Yikes! Imagine Gordon Ramsay preparing a Michelin Star dish, only to serve it on a paper plate. Small little details performed in the editing room can be just as important as the footage captured on location. Color correcting footage gives it that added dose of realism, and small details like adding text (or in rare cases a voiceover) can help sell the property’s most valued features. All those little details will result in more shares, more views and more interest.

Real estate videography isn’t a science, but rather an ever-evolving art. A few years ago, simple photos would have been sufficient in selling properties. However, with the rampant adaptation of social media, realtors have had to find ways to stay creative and still peak buyer interest. An investment into videography, when in tandem with proper photography, is the easiest way to get buyers lining up for any property.


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