Maybe the only positive takeaway from 2020 has been the death of the Monday meeting (albeit the Monday Zoom meeting might be worse). But seeing as how 2020 has been historically bad in every other manner, Mintleaf—Portsmouth’s favorite video marketing agency—has decided to release its content calendar to the world. Because let’s face it, the only things we hate more than COVID-19 are small business social media accounts that aren’t properly managed. This blog focuses on the three biggest takeaways from the calendar that your company needs to adopt to fix its social media content woes.

Focus on evergreen content

Everyone wants to write blogs about COVID-19 at the moment—and rightfully so, it’s a fascinating topic that is literally transforming how we conduct business before our very eyes. I already even posted about what its effects may mean for the future of business cards. However, will your COVID-inspired blog still be relevant in 5 or 10 years? Or will it be an outdated memory as society deals with the even scarier COVID-24. Evergreen content is designed to be timeless—it’s content that a potential reader can stumble upon anytime and yet still maintain relevancy. Our social media calendar recommends (at minimum) one new evergreen blog a month. But ideally you should be posting a new one bi-weekly. This will help keep your followers informed while also giving your company a lingering inbound presence.

Limit the promotions

Nobody wants to see your frozen yogurt shop with 65 followers offer a promotion every post. Social media revolves around a sense of community. And nobody likes the member of the community that constantly, shamelessly markets themselves. We recommend limiting promotions to a single week during a month (focus on quality of promotion rather than quantity). Additionally, we recommend scattering other regular posts in-between the promotions. If you’re a bigger company with an established following, maybe then you can consider sprinkling in a few more promotions.

Make plenty of homegrown media (photo and video)

Your company should be producing its own media—primarily photos and occasionally videos—to interact more fruitfully with your followers. Don’t get me wrong, curated content is great, but your followers will want something new. If you can afford a small set of lights and an iPhone camera, great! If you can afford to add professional marketing equipment, even better! But you want to be consistently creating photos of your products or services and posting them to social media. This is an effective way to (subtly) show the work with you do, without shamelessly self-promoting.

Whether your company already has an existing social media calendar, or not, it’s imperative to plan out and track your content. Everything you post should be thoroughly thought out and must align with your companies overall social media objective. 2020 may have sucked so far, but it’s not too late to salvage the year.


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