Sure, your business has dreams of airing an advertisement during the Super Bowl, but without an extra $5.6 million in surplus marketing funds, that dream may never contextualize. And that’s a shame, as the Super Bowl surely will suffer without an ad for your gluten-free yoga studio. Regardless, the Super Bowl is just a large-scale example of the issue facing small businesses: video advertisements are too dang expensive. Whether it’s from the price of producing the ad, or the cost of getting it in front of viewers, video production seems an almost unreachable goal for most small businesses. With all this in mind, we’ve compiled some tips for creating the perfect video advertisement (on a not so perfect budget).

Hire a voice actor

Before you skip this section, just know that a voice actor can cost as little as $20 and can usually get the script done in just a few short days. Sites like Fiverr make sorting through different voice actors relatively pain-free, and there are enough available to meet the needs of any size project. You can even hire a Morgan Freeman impersonator if that’s more your style. The advertisement below—which happens to be the main advertisement we show clients—uses a professional voice actor who cost us only $20.

Don’t skip the text

The Achilles’ heel of the advertisement above is that it is reliant on people viewing the advertisement with the sound on. But as we all know, many people scroll through Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tinder with the sound off. Wait, scratch that last one. When the volume is off, that beautiful voice actor doesn’t sound quite as beautiful. Strategically adding text to compliment a voice actor is a great way to still market to your target demographic under these circumstances. Below is a video advertisement we created for a company in Greenland, New Hampshire that incorporates effective text.

Rent equipment or rent professionals

Alright, I’m going to say it. No, you can’t use your Flip cam to record your video advertisement. Instead, sell that antique on eBay. Some high-tech phones can take decent video footage, but we still recommend obtaining more professional equipment. Your video advertisement is an investment in your company; the more you invest, the more you can expect in return. Ask yourself: do you have softbox lighting? Do you have a camera with the appropriate aperture? What about a drone for that added cinematic look? All this equipment, and more, can be rented at sites like and Lensrentals.

If all this seems overwhelming, outsourcing your videography needs to a professional can be a relatively pain-free process. Most videographers will travel onsite, provide all the fanciest equipment around, and will take the headache out of shooting video. Just make sure to budget well, as some established videographers can charge up to $10,000 for a 30-second ad.

We’ve talked to clients all around the Seacoast, and so many of them have dreams of creating a professional advertisement for their small business. And yet, many of those dreams are in limbo. Now might be as good a time as any to turn that dream into a reality.


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