So, you’re newly over the hill and have just discovered the internet and all its complexities. You’ve mastered email, learned how to order your prescription Cialis online, and have even ventured to the greener pastures of social media. Sure, there were road bumps along the way: you’ve kept 15 tabs always open, you consistently post happy birthday messages to your friends on your own timeline, and you frequently argue with strangers across the country on their politics.

And now you’re ready to take the next step—creating a social media page for your local business. Social media affords the ability to reach hundreds of potential clientele all at once, and it’s not just for those pesky millennials anymore. We’ve outlined our three best tips below to get your social media account boomin’ by the end of the month.

Post often and consistently

Social media—and the clients it can bring—is a marathon, not a sprint. Unless you’re running paid promotions, you won’t see results for a while. It’s totally okay for your first few weeks to be spent gaining a following—rather than trying to sell a product or a service.

Let’s face it, nobody likes the person who joins Facebook only to immediately start self-promoting. Rather, post frequently and avoid running sale-based posts in the first few months. Own a car shop that just repaired a 1971 Ford Mustang? Throw that bad boy on social media and go about enjoying the rest of your midlife crisis. There’s still plenty of tread on your tires, and there should be on your social media account! So post often, keep your followers entertained, and just keep going.

Maintain a stable identity

If your posts are like the wild, wild west, your customers won’t be stopping by your saloon anytime soon. Pick a shared color scheme and stick to it! Also, don’t take photos on your flip phone and post them alongside professional photos downloaded from the internet. Let’s face it, Kevin, your flip phone doesn’t take good quality photos.

You want your customers to know what to expect when they visit your social media pages. If half of your posts look like Hamilton on Broadway and half of them look like your granddaughter’s elementary school dance recital, it’ll be clear to clients that your social media is all over the place. 

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Interact with your followers

Being on social media means being a member of a virtual community. Nobody likes the neighbor who stays cooped up inside all day and yells at the neighborhood kids (that means you, Karen). Your neighboring company? Reach out and follow them! Your local café where you berate the barista? Hit them with a like! Your direct competition? Give them a like, you cocky son of a gun! Interacting with your followers allows you to not only keep them informed—but to also let them know they are heard. That kind of love often gets reciprocated and goes a long way in growing your brand.

Social media isn’t just for millennials or those Tik Tok-ing generation Z’s anymore. The boomers are back and ready to launch their business social media pages—so watch out world.


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