The start of 2020 represented your company postponing its marketing makeover for another decade. Alright, I’m sure your resolution didn’t involve a marketing renovation, but maybe it was about growing your business or attracting new leads? Now is as good a time as any to test the waters on a new approach for the upcoming decade. Below we’ve outline 3 essential marketing strategies that your company should adopt, or expand, before 2020 ends.

Expand your social media presence.

According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of the public uses social media. Imagine trying to grow your brand and not representing yourself to nearly 3 quarters of your potential clientele. Maybe you don’t need a company Snapchat account, but Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Those are big markets that you’re likely missing out on.

And we’re not talking about giving it the “ol’ college try!” So many companies start social media pages, only to cease posting on them within a month. Or even a week. Social media will bring in clients, but it takes time and consistency. Think of it as a long-term investment in your company: plant the seeds now, harvest later. We recommend at minimum spending 20 minutes a day on your social media accounts doing routine tasks like creating new content, responding to comments and engaging with other companies. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a brand and being an active participant in a virtual community. Below is a professional-looking social media post created in a small-scale studio:

Create a video advertisement.

Times are changing and the public is engaging with social media in a new way. Much of the media we consume is indirectly—it may be a post that we scroll past in our Facebook feed, a YouTube advertisement that pops up on our computer’s second monitor or even a brief story that appears while we’re skipping through Snapchat. As business owners, we have two choices: we can either implement outdated strategies to acquire clients, or we can embrace the social media revolution. So then, why not create a video advertisement for your company?

Many larger companies likely have the in-house personnel to make an advertisement. For smaller companies, hiring a videographer can be a relatively cheap and painless process. I know you’ve thought about it all last decade, so why not now? Here is an advertisement that was produced for a client in Stratham, New Hampshire in a single day. It maintains the company’s values, while effectively getting its message across to viewers:

Adopt better brand standards.

Is Gerald in accounting still using the old company logo in his email tagline? That’s such a Gerald move. What about Stacey? Does she eyeball it when she uses the company colors? #474747 isn’t the same as #373737 (believe me, I’ve made that mistake).

Truth be told, many of the companies we’ve encountered don’t have companywide brand standards in place. That’s potentially problematic as customers and clients may notice these inconsistencies and question whether your company is a professional operation. When you adopt standardized brand values—like choosing a company font, colors and a consistent logo—you give off the impression that you’re well-managed and organized. That’s never a bad thing in a client’s eyes.

We’re about halfway through 2020, and while normal operations are in hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s still plenty of time to test and implement new marketing strategies. Take the time to invest in your company’s marketing strategies now and reap the rewards the rest of the decade.


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